Monday, December 21, 2009

Done with school

I have finally graduated! Oh crap. That means I need to find a job now. Tucson is too small of a place. I've grown up here, but when the only good job to be found is a new branch of
Sony Online, that is probably looking for someone with more experience than I have right now it sucks.

Time to turn my pet projects into gold and actually finish a short! I have two projects in the works right now that I hope will turn out the type of work that will get me a job. One is the flash short I've talked about in past posts. The 2 min. mark wasn't met in the class time, partly because it was an experimental class for the school, and partly because I didn't push myself hard enough to actually finish it. I did take the time to develop the story to the point where I feel like I need to finish it. The gags are mostly there, I know I'm still missing some opportunities, but if I don't do it I can't learn from it now. I also think I've found a cool art direction style for it that combines my two computer animation loves, Flash and Maya. It is written, so it must be done.

The other is a group project I'm starting with Mike Munoz and Briget Alese aka FishEisley.
It may involve more people in the future, but it's just getting off the ground right now. I'm pretty optimistic about this one right now. Even if it doesn't see the light of day, it will generate some good creative work, but as long as we keep it up it's gonna be cool. I don't know how often it will post on this blog, but it will keep me busy!

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Sean said...

Congrats on graduating!

Cant wait to see the stuff you're working on. Push yourself hard and make it the best stuff you can. Competition is stiff, so you really gotta stand out.

Keep posting your stuff here. I check often and im excited to see what you come up with.