Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mudbox WIP

Here's the latest experiment with Mudbox I'm working on. Taking a simple base mesh from Maya, modeling all detail in Mudbox, and bringing the displacement back into Maya. I still need to figure out how to get the results I want in Maya- my early tests made me realize I need to learn how to optimise displacement map settings in Maya. Time to do some research!

This model has 3 subdivision levels so far. I plan on adding much more detail to it: veins, skin texture, wrinkles, etc. This is also only part of the creature I have planned (my scanner died on me or I would upload my concept sketches) , the rest will be attached to the spine. I think I will get rid of the eyeball up front, because it wasn't built into the original mesh and it won't deform correctly. Maybe I'll just retop the original if I can figure out how to make it work with the displacement map that I will export from Mudbox. I'm having a lot of fun with this new high poly workflow. It opens up a new level of freedom when modeling!

I almost forgot to add that I got some inspiration for the design from my friend Emmett's drawing.

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Emmett Hamilton III said...

Wow that's cool man. Didn't realize this was inspired by one of mine. You're too cool man! :)